Statement: Statement on the documentation of LABRESH on the subject “The largest textile waste nations in Europe” [here]

Press Release 28.11.2019: Textile recycling – an inevitable challenge
Press Release 25.07.2016: Future of Textiles Association is opposed to illegal collection practices [here]
Press Release 19.05.2016: EAST WEST TEXTILRECYCLING KURSUN GMBH joins the GftZ as a new member [here]
Press Release 25.04.2016: Geo-Tex incorporated in GftZ as new member [here]
Press Release 16.11.2015: GftZ welcomes the working draft for the new Law of Recyclables

Press Release 02.11.2015: GftZ presents its goals at this year’s BIR World Recycling Convention [here]
Press Release 13.10.2015: Standardised guidelines for sustainable recycling of waste textiles [here]
Press Release 27.07.2015: GftZ welcomes TEXAID Textilverwertungs-AG as a new member [here]

Press Release 27.02.2015: GftZ plans to release standard for sustainable use of used textiles this year [here]
Information about „Gemeinschaft für textile Zukunft“ (Future of Textiles Association)(Version July 2016) [here]
Statement: Initiation of „Gemeinschaft für textile Zukunft“ (Future of Textiles Association) [here]