The interest group „Gemeinschaft für textile Zukunft“ (Future of Textiles Association) advocates the sustainable use of textiles.
M.W. Boer Beheer BV

The Boer Group – the universalists among the specialists! With its Europe-wide collection and recycling in seven sorting plants, the Boer Group has assumed textile responsibility for over 50 years.
Jean Bilsheim Textil GmbH

A company with the know-how to solve today’s disposal problem.

With locations and subsidiaries in six countries and more than 1,350 employees, SOEX covers the entire value chain of used textiles collection, processing, recycling and trading. SOEX sells secondhand clothes in about 70 countries worldwide, recycles around 11,000 tonnes of unwanted textiles into fibers and making a sustainable contribution to the conservation of resources and the avoidance of waste.


Used textiles – resource for new products
TEXAID is one of Europe’s leading organisations for environmental collecting, sorting and recycling of used textiles. In accordance with ecology and economy, TEXAID plays an important part in contributing to keeping used textiles in the value-added chain for as long as possible.


Highly professional service provider in all areas of  textile collection, processing, marketing and recycling for more than 25 years.